Our study on DWP pay featured in LA Times Op-Ed

DWP ratepayers may get soaked again

As detailed in a recent paper by,  DWP employee pay is up to three times greater than that of its private-sector counterparts. The average full-time, year-round DWP employee made $114,941 in 2013. This is despite providing a level of service that in 2011 had it ranked the 13th most hated company in the nation in one survey.

As detailed in my study, the DWP could save approximately $392M a year by reducing pay to market average.

A recently released city-commissioned benchmarking survey confirms these findings – the DWP paid an extra $323 million in payroll, when compared exclusively to other, similar sized utilities in the same region.

You can view and search the 2013 DWP payroll report here.

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