TRIPLE-dipping Marin County Counsel makes over $432k a year

I’ve heard of public employees double-dipping before (receiving a pension and salary at the same time) but this is the first case of triple-dipping I’ve heard of!

Dick Spotswood at the Marin IJ has a must-read column today: The long-term cost of keeping taxpayers in the dark.

He discussed a Marin County Grand Jury Report that found Marin County governments unlawfully voted to enhance their pension benefits an astounding 36 times over a 5 year period.

The results of these enhancements are $100k+ pensions for government retirees that has left taxpayers responsible to pay a funding shortfall of over $500 million.

Spotswood then reveals the first ever triple-dipper that I’ve heard of:

Marin County Counsel, Steven Woodside, receives an annual $256,636 salary while simultaneously receiving a $95,000 pension from CalPERS and a $82,606 pension from Sonoma County’s pension plan, for a total $432,632 yearly haul.

Of course, without a resource like TransparentCalifornia – that posts public employees names and pay – Mr. Woodside’s lucrative triple-dipping would have remained hidden from the very taxpayers who fund it.

Be sure to read Mr. Spotswood’s entire piece here.

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