Average 2014 pensions for California’s 20 independent county retirement systems

Transparent California now has 2014 pension data for virtually every major California government agency.

In addition to the 2014 data for CalPERS and CalSTRS, data is now available for many of the independent county pension plans throughout the state.

The below table ranks the county pension systems by the highest average full-career — retirees with at least 30 years of service — pension:

Average 2014 Full-Career Pension by County Pension System

County Average Full-Career Pension
Marin $99,970** ($91,342)
Ventura $95,180
San Mateo* $89,390
Santa Barbara $89,388
San Bernardino $89,199
Contra Costa $88,300
Orange $88,184
Los Angeles $85,130
Alameda* $81,893
San Francisco $76,927
San Diego* $75,681
Sonoma $73,948
Kern $72,527
San Joaquin $70,125
Sacramento $69,904
Merced $67,954
Fresno $67,075
Stanislaus $62,904
Imperial $61,154
Tulare $52,614
*Full dataset not provided, average is from CAFR for 2005+ retirees. Mendocino County does not provide years of service data.

**When this report was first compiled, the Marin numbers included the value of health benefits. The average full-career pension is $91,342.

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