Inglewood police chief gets an extra $61,000 annually for taking a 2-week course

Median earnings for Inglewood residents was around $30,000 last year. Those same residents are required to pay for a police chief’s $524,000 pay package, which includes an ongoing, $61,000 annual bonus for completing a two-week training course. 

Here are the opening and closing paragraphs from the Southern California News Group’s just-released story on this absurd perk:

Inglewood Police Chief Mark Fronterotta collected an extra $61,000 last year that was not authorized by the city’s charter, the City Council or his employment agreement, according to an investigation by the Southern California News Group.

“I don’t think there’s anyone who would believe there’s a substantive reason to pay someone $60,000 a year extra for a two-week course,” Fellner said. “All these wrinkles just amplify the fact that when a City Council wants to be generous with other people’s money, they’ll find a way.”

Be sure to read the full story here. 

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