Hostility to transparency makes Hueso unfit for public office

State Senator Ben Hueso (D-San Diego) has put forth a bill that would essentially eliminate California’s Public Records Act. 

In a new op-ed for the Voice of San Diego, I argue that his long standing hostility to transparency makes him unfit for public office:

[Hueso’s] SB 615 would require anyone requesting information to bear the cost of forcing the government to comply with its own transparency law.

This would allow governments to freely hide records from public view, secure in the knowledge that ordinary citizens could never bear the enormous financial burden of filing a lawsuit, at their own expense.

Hueso’s hostility to transparency, however, reveals a profound misunderstanding of his role as a representative of the people. Voters should replace him with a representative who appreciates and encourages the role of an informed citizenry, instead of someone actively working to keep them in the dark.

Click here to read the full piece. 

And click here for more background on this terrible bill and those behind it.

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