California’s 100k club grows as tax hikes mount

Our recent report on California’s exploding $100K club has generated quite a bit of coverage, perhaps none better than the recent Orange County Register editorial, “California’s 100k club grows as tax hikes mount.”

The editorial highlighted the connection between rising pension costs and the continued push for tax hikes, almost all of which are regressive and impose a heavy burden on working-class residents.

This is, after all, the only reason public pensions are a matter of public interest. It has always struck me as strange that a state ostensibly dedicated to so-called “progressive” values is so comfortable with this arrangement, which requires lower-wage workers to pay more to help fund the richer benefits received by government employees.

You can read the full editorial by clicking here.

Some other outlets that covered our report include:

Transparent California will also be featured on an upcoming episode of NBC LA’s new podcast show, so stay tuned for that!


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