OC Register: As pensions break the bank, Californians face more tax hikes

Transparent California is back in the news, thanks to our recent report highlighting the just-released 2019 pension payout data from CalPERS.

In response to our report, the Sacramento Bee announced that the “Biggest-ever CalPERS pension” now tops $400,000 per year.

That report was followed by a fantastic editorial from the OC Register earlier this week. In that piece, the Editorial Board correctly diagnosed the connection between pensions costs and the endless push for higher taxes:

This crisis is only going to get worse as even more longtime employees retire and collect on the overpromised benefits that state lawmakers recklessly increased in 1999. 

Read the rest: “As pensions break the bank, Californians face more tax hikes” OC Register.

And to explore the entire data set of the more than $25 billion paid to over 700,000 CalPERS members last year, be sure to visit

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