After 225-day delay, South Pasadena produces records within 24 hours of being sued

The Pasadena Star-News published a nice report on another public records lawsuit we were forced to file, this time against the City of South Pasadena.

After 225 days delaying production, the city produced all of the requested records the day after being served with the lawsuit. You can view their 2019 payroll data here. 

By forcing us to file a lawsuit to elicit compliance, however, the city will be required to cover the entirety of our legal costs. This is a terrible system wherein South Pasadena residents are now punished — as they are the ones who ultimately pay for the city’s expenses — because their “public servants” denied them their fundamental rights to a transparent and open government.

As we’ve discussed at length elsewhere, until the Legislature ends the practice of treating government employees as a ruling class, whose members may break the law with impunity, Californians will never receive the transparent and open government promised to them in both state law and the California Constitution.

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