A New Way to Fight for California Transparency

California is one of the largest and most bureaucratic states in the union. According to our state controller, there are more than 4,000 individual agencies at the state and local levels. Every one of these agencies operates thanks to the funding provided by taxpayers like you.

Transparent California is proud to be the single most comprehensive database of public pay information in the Golden State. We make thousands of requests each year and are constantly updating our site with salary information from around California.

However, there’s a problem.

While we are honored to bring as much data as possible to our users, the fact is that we lack the resources to collect from every single local agency. Some local districts have as few as 10 employees which makes it harder to reach someone to make a request.

Despite that limitation, we want to make sure that you, our supporters, have access to the salary information you need. To that end, Transparent California is proud to announce a brand new initiative: the Sponsor a District program.

Through this new initiative, you can directly support our work and make your voice heard.

The Sponsor a District Program, which is live right now on, allows you to directly fund the collection of data from the districts that matter to you.

After making a donation and listing the district you would like us to prioritize collecting, you will automatically be subscribed to the agency in question so that the moment the data is collected, you will be notified via email. Additionally, when you choose to sponsor a district, you will be given the option to be listed as a sponsor for that year’s data.

From the very beginning, Transparent California was intended to be a partnership with you, the concerned citizens of the Golden State. Change is never accomplished by a solitary individual or organization. It takes people with the courage to speak with a unified voice to really make a difference.

For nearly 15 years, it has been our pleasure to partner with you in the fight to keep California transparent, and we look forward to many more years of success. Please consider sponsoring a district today by clicking the button below.

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